Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Spenders

Kids today are very mature, though it may not seem so. If you were to give them great responsibility, they would live up to their goals, as long as they find it in their best interest. Saving, is a great way to express their responsibility. The only problem is there is no way for kids to save up their money if they don't have jobs.
Me, having just turned 13, have been turning around this problem a lot in my head. The conclusion I have come to after finding an ad for paper routes, but at 2 - 3 a.m., is to ask the Grove Grapevine if they have spots open for kids. While sifting through the articles on the homepage of the Grapevine I noticed a link to start a blog, and I thought, "Why not start a blog let kids and parents know when jobs are open for kids?" There was only one problem with that thought, and that problem was that I would not know what jobs were open. So I am now contacting The Grapevine to try and create a separate page where Adults can advertise jobs fitted for young kids.
The benefits from this are that kids will earn their money, and learn how to save it. Another task I am trying to get done is a chore sheet, or a printable table for parents and children to fill out and track their savings and spending. They can also use this sheet to show how much the child is allowed to spend.
Over all, I think that the idea is great, but I am sure I will need the help and support of many others to complete this. In the mean time, if you do have an opening for children and teens, or if you a re a child looking for a job, please post/comment/advertise on this blog.